The Pelted are races created by human scientists blending animal DNA with their own genome to create sentient human-animal hybrids. Following their exodus from Earth, they went on to form the Alliance, later joined by both Earth and the Eldritch.


General DescriptionEdit


The different face shapes of the Pelted.

The core races of the Alliance are truly races: they can interbreed. In fact, the major races were created by selective breeding during the Exodus, and helped create the cultural differences that can be seen now in the different races.


The Races of the PeltedEdit

First Generation. These were engineered by humans on Earth.

Second Generation. These were segregated into cultural groups during the Exodus.

Third Generation. These were engineered by the Pelted themselves.

Height ChartEdit


Height chart and general characteristics of the Pelted.

Notable CharactersEdit

  • Alysha Forrest, Captain of the Fleet battlecruiser UAV Stardancer.
  • Vasiht'h, xenotherapist on Starbase Veta.
  • See Related Fiction. There are too many Notable characters, several per each book.

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