Cover: Precious Things

"Precious Things" is a holiday-themed short story set in the Paradox universe.


Sydnie Unfound, one of the Pelted gengineered by humans in centuries past, came to Earth to discover herself. She hasn't had any luck yet. But on a fateful day during the winter holidays, her luck starts to turn when she meets an unexpected fellow seeker....

This is background forEdit

This is the story where the Queen's Tams are set up. The girl in the top of the cover is a Tam-illee Foxline.

As such, it is a prelude or background piece to the Her Instruments (fiction)  trilogy.

But this does not detail the Queen's Tam's line nor even more than the very the first part of that extended story.

Notable CharactersEdit

  • Sydnie Unfound
  • Lesandurel Meriaen Jisiensire

Purchase DetailsEdit

"Precious Things" is no longer available for purchase.

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