The homeworld of the Faulfenza, a double planet composed of two worlds, Quafiirla (the Preserve) and Quapendai (the Seeker's Planet). The Fenazafir, or OverDancer is an old male who is ruler of the Preserve, and the Qufiilzafir, or First Favored Dancer is in charge of the Seeker's Planet.

Qufiil is a BRIGHTLY colored, temperate double planet. It is heavier, warmer, and brighter than Earth; their star is white instead of yellow. It has no moon, as Quafiirla (being the smaller of the bodies) would have become its moon had it not fallen into closer orbit. Quapendai is brighter and less humid than its cousin, the Preserve. They share the same fauna and flora, but the specimens on Quapendai are usually smaller and not as brightly colored.


Commonly, the trunks of trees on Qufiil are bright reddish-orange and brilliant bluish white with leaves that are bright green or purple. The grass is green with bluish tinges, making it seem lush and well-watered. Very few things are brown, or gray...the earth itself ranges in color from black to red, usually a burgundy-orange sort of color; the beaches are white, yellow, or dark red and the seas are brilliant blue to bluish-green. Plants usually sport bright green, blue, or purple leaves, and flowers are bright and of EVERY color. The sky is blue, like ours, but usually paler.