Reese (with Hirianthial behind her).

The human owner of the independent merchant vessel TMS Earthrise. Born on Mars.

General DescriptionEdit

Reese has the Martian build: short but light-boned. She's of middling height, I wrote it down somewhere, but it's something like 5'6" or so. I should look it up. But with chocolate-brown skin and black hair a little longer than shoulder-length, kept in capped braids. She has bright, bright blue eyes.

In disposition, nervous and unsettled, a closet romantic who has become very pragmatic about her life because that's what life is like.

Reads romance novels. Sleeps in a hammock (Martian habit). Prone to a nervous stomach.


Info here about her family, about using her inheritance to leave Mars by buying the Earthrise and becoming a trader. Info here about not planning to have children the way Martian custom insists (by mail). Talk here about meeting Allacazam. About going into debt. About the mysterious benefactor who bought her out of debt.


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