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This is Rispa as character, not Rispa as one of the Seersa four mist sisters. She was named after the Mist Sister.

She is a character in Alysha's Fall (fiction).

The following are likely SPOILERS for that story.

Description Edit

Foxine Tam-illee with lushly furred tail, slim, pelt white as fallen snow, her hair a shade darker, "misty lemon yellow curtain that fell over her shoulders in spiral curls. Grey eyes" ... Soprano voice. Young girl, small, with small breasts. Barely a teenager. Uses Rasberry shampoo.

Story action Edit

Alysha meets her after Alysha gets raped by the manager. She and Honey help Alysha deal with the body trauma.

She was Alysha's friend, giving her a present, cuddling, etc.

She was also with Angel when Angel was on a black key when Alysha was on her first black key, and when Alysha hit that customer with her claws. After that, Alysha takes Angel to her special healer friend.

Alysha sacrifices her special ear rings to save Rispa by buying her a passage out of the Phantasies.