Samuel Colt

Samuel-Colt is the name given by humans to a Violinist weapons designer in the serial Spots the Space Marine. Claws nicknames him Sam.

General DescriptionEdit

At the start of Defense of the Fiddler, Samuel-Colt is 15 years old (with only five years before returning home to die).

Physical DescriptionEdit

Samuel-Colt resembles a streamlined praying mantis, with a wedge-shaped head with large, multifaceted eyes and two backswept antenna. He has three pairs of arms: the topmost ending in long hand-like appendages, the middle sporting a set of scythe-like pincers with serrated edges, and a vestigial set near the joint of the thorax and abdomen. His carapace is painted in fluorescent designs along his back, sides and up around six spiracles arranged in vertical rows on the thorax, three to a side.

He "speaks" through the spiracles in a breathy, almost song-like voice, bowing in counterpoint with his vestigal arms, giving his speech a musical quality that can come across as a kind of punctuation or emotional nuance.


Samuel-Colt has served in a diplomatic capacity in some of his previous iterations.

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