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Second is a novella set in the Paradox universe.


Ensign Taylitha Basil didn't know what to expect at her first officer training retreat. Hiking up a mountain? She's never hiked. Canoeing back down it at the end? She's not a great swimmer. Dealing with an obnoxious peer who declared himself leader of their expedition? Definitely not in her plan. Meeting the woman who'd become her captain and friend for years to come? Bring it on.

Author's CommentsEdit

I've known since the mid-90s how Taylitha met Alysha Forrest, for whom she would work for most of her adult life... on a camping trip that turns part philosophical tale, part buddy story and part adventure. A few years back I wrote the story, which ran to the dreaded, unsaleable novella length; at about 120 pages it was too short to pitch as a novel and too long to sell to magazines (though in fact, I did end up accidentally pitching it to Sharyn November at Firebird Books as a YA novel—we both agreed the protagonists were too old at 21-22ish, though she thought it was well-done).

Notable CharactersEdit

Secondary CharactersEdit

Lieutenant Cane, Taylighta debrief

Cawdori, Karaka, strips and spots on golden fur

Damien, "Dami" Aera Valery Lt Commander who is 4 foot tall with sharp points on wisend muzzle, hard tail.

Delin, seersa, shared footpad solution with Taylitha

Herville Candesse, head of rescue team,

Jender Forthstars, tam-illee foxine, hike 'buddy' with Mike Beringwaite

Johnigan, carrot red hair, human, "Red Twin" called so by Taylitha and the crew, 'twin' to Taylitha

Kairell Ruyt, Hinichi wolfine, complaining on dock and on the Nightslip

Kristil, Roben's trail buddy

Roben, silvery male tam-illee foxine

Unnamed, only refered to as Lieutenant commander Ciracaana

Boat rental and siteEdit

Fleet Quickwater Reserve


Many pictures of Taylitha and Alysha as they have more adventures

See those characters for the extensive art on each.


More Taylitha and Alysha. Alysha looking relaxed for a change... Taylitha more uncertain. Taylitha also appears to be channeling Erin Gray. That's what I get for watching Buck Rogers. Added July 15, 2004.

Blog This caption by MCAH


UAV Nightslip, Taylitha's ship

UAV Diamondwing, Battlecruiser, Alysha's ship

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Second is available for purchase in e-book format.

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E-book (SW/Amazon) 123kb $0.99 B0045Y1N9E
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