The Second Evpetren War, happening some years after the establishment of Genesis and the crowning of Distant Song as Empress of the East, was launched accidentally by the mortal species, the Rheehtnan who let the Evpetren out of their magical prisons. The subsequent war lasted two hundred years and spanned the entirety of the universe.

While engaging the Le'enle along several fronts, the Evpetren sent a raid to their nursery world to destroy their children, succeeding in reiving all of them (but two), and all their guarding adults as well. This massacre included Argent Star's twenty-seven children, and resulted in a madness that drove him to genocide.

Two hundred years later, the Le'enle had been reduced by the war to fifty-one individuals, but Argent Star had personally overseen the destruction of every Evpetren left alive.

The Second Evpetren War's end ushered in the current age of the Le'enle, marked most notably by the arrival of the fifth Emperor, Change.

Individuals Left Post-WarEdit


  • Argent Star
  • Distant Song
  • Kithless Day
  • Silent Chain
  • Sacred Ember

MALES (19 total, 5 young)

  • Agile Storm
  • Crucial Snow
  • Lucent Steel
  • Canny Rain
  • Subtle Ash


  • Cordial Breath
  • Vivid Mist
  • Quiet Dawn
  • Dauntless Frost
  • Solemn Fall
  • Honest Flame
  • Gentle Moon
  • Savage Ice
  • Hallowed Heart
  • Sternest Shadow
  • Lucid Smoke
  • Sylvan Dark
  • Severed Sea
  • Present Echo

FEMALES (14 total, 7 young)

  • Gliding Edge
  • Supple Eve
  • Tender Sky (broken)
  • Gracious Wind (fun, young, tomboy)
  • Boundless Dream (fey)
  • Lissome Mist (sweet but immature)
  • Peerless Night (gentle and feminine)


  • Somber Rose
  • Tranquil Heart
  • Formal Cloud
  • Regal Sun
  • Fragile Dance
  • Modest Rain
  • Noble Shade