Also known as the Seersana Founding University, but most commonly Seersana U. One of the first colleges in the Alliance.


Seersana's year has 340 days. There are four months a season, each 85 days long. There are 21 days per month, and ten days per week (giving 34 weeks a year). The spare days are taken care of during a "leap holiday" in summer. Each week is split into five days, with each half of the week having a "weekend" day at its end. The first half of the week is called "up-week": 4 days, then 1 to rest. The second half is the down-week, again, 4 days and then 1 to rest. The university has two full terms: a spring semester lasting for 90 days from the first day of Spring to the middle of the first month of summer; and a fall semester lasting for 90 days from the last month of fall until the end of the year. Midterms are giving 45 days into the semester. Matriculation ceremonies are held a week after finals.

In addition there's an intersession in summer, from the third month of summer until the first month of fall, for a total of 60 days. There's no required midterm for summer semester, but when one is given it's 30 days into the term.

School Year
Spring Session, 90 days Spring Month 1
(15 weekend days) Spring Month 2
Spring Month 3
Midterms, 45 days in Spring Month 4
Summer Month1
Spring Break Summer Month 2
Leap Week: 4 Days Off
Summer Session, 60 days Summer Month 3
Midterms 30 days in Summer Month 4
Fall Month 1
Fall Break Fall Month 2
Fall Month 3
Winter Session, 90 days Fall Month 4
(15 weekend days) Winter Month 1
Winter Month 2
Midterms, 45 days in Winter Month 3
Winter Month 4
Holidays 7 days


There's a winter holiday following the end of fall semester lasting 15 days. There is no spring holiday; at the end of the spring term, there's a break of a month before intersession begins, which is sufficient for most people. Similarly, intersession ends two months before fall term commences, so there is no summer holiday (though inevitably some of the locals will have a party during the leap week, to the detriment of their grades).

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