Serala is the kingdom of the elves in the Archipelago universe. It is the archipelago for which the universe is named.

The archipelago itself is a series of mostly mountainous isles, with one major caldera (the isle of Kesina). It is not well-suited to agriculture. It is sparsely populated as a nation, and consists mostly of elves, with a small percentage of humans (at various times in history second-class citizens or slaves) and an even smaller percentage of genets (manufactured peoples).

The elves of Serala speak Angel's Gift.

Major IslandsEdit

  • Aravalis ("Everkeep"). The capital isle.
  • Kesina ("Wheatland"). The breadbasket.
  • Jathul ("Draketail").
  • Falor ("Moongreen").
  • Emerebar ("Seakeep").

Aravalis is home to the capital of Serala (Valisna) and its highest population concentration. Also its only foreign port, Erevar. It is entirely bisected by the river Susulis, which divides near the northwestern side of the isle at the city of Kade. Valisna is situated at the delta formed by its exit at the northern border of the isle.

Minor IslandsEdit

  • Uni ("Cliffhold")
  • Unalisa ("Spine Island")
  • Deresum ("Watcher's Isle")
  • Cerevis ("Eye Isle")
  • Doli ("Forgotten Isle")
  • Thasil
  • Mens
  • Arathin
  • Nerun
  • Risa
  • Kavali
  • Ventu
  • Taras
  • Efor
  • Banarelu ("Fareye")

The TeethEdit

  • Jenera
  • Jonavar
  • Kethu
  • Baras
  • Dathal