Kor Nai'Nerillin-osulkedi is the current priest in charge of Correcting those Ai-Naidar who cannot be Corrected in the more normal ways. He is the latest in a long line of priests called "Shame," and serves Thirukedi as a member of the Public Servant caste.

General DescriptionEdit

An Ai-Naidari, shorter than average, and more powerfully built. Black with abbreviated white ventrals, particularly white hands and a white "flower face," a pattern on the face like an asterisk. Square-jawed, with coronal eyes: very pale blue, nearly white, rimmed in black. When on duty, in a short robe and pants, black with a stole; off-duty, he... still wears black, for the most part.

A man given to dry humor, insightful, with a powerful and incisive intellect, schooled to careful use of words, trained in philosophy, law and religion.

Physical DescriptionEdit


Kor was an orphan, one of Winter's sons, raised by a priest in service to Saresh.

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