Cover: Songs From a Conch Shell Whistle

"Songs From a Conch Shell Whistle" is a short story of the Tsipia-Aliens set in the Failing Gates universe. It was published independently on April 26, 2011.


In good times, the Tsipia-seekers, aliens of a stormy planet, trade their goods and services and lay their eggs on warm beaches. But it has been a long time since the good times. All changes need an author. Will Kelennet find a way for her clutch-sisters and brother to survive?

Notable CharactersEdit

  • Doseli, female1, first to stand of the Midnight Waves
  • Kelennet, female1
  • Mula, female2
  • Nemene, female1
  • Ojune, male

Purchase DetailsEdit

"Songs From a Conch Shell Whistle" is available for purchase an an e-book.

Format Pgs/Size Cost ISBN/ASIN
E-book (SW/Amazon) 35kb $0.99 B004Y69UQQ
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