Spots is the Team Kitty callsign of Magda Heloise Guitart, a member of the Marine Reserves called to active duty in the eponymous science-fiction series Spots the Space Marine.

Shield ColorEdit


Physical DescriptionEdit

A woman in her early-thirties, with bisque-colored skin shading to yellow and gold in a farmer's tan pattern. Dark brown hair, long, wavy. Seven freckles on the bridge of her nose. Brown eyes. About 5'5".

General InfoEdit

Married an asteroid miner (solid man in his thirties with short blond hair) at 18; she spends half the year on earth and half the year on the asteroid with him.

Two children, one male (7 years old at the start of Defense of the Fiddler), one female (3 years old).

Has done a great deal of Search and Rescue work EVA on the asteroid.

Practicing Catholic.

Random Food TriviaEdit

Likes french toast, and makes guava pastries. Also knows what good beer is. Likes chocolate.

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