E-book cover: Spots the Space Marine: Letters

Spots the Space Marine: Letters
is a short epilogue following shortly after the Spots the Space Marine novel.

The Spots epilogue was written in March 2012, after the successful completion of the Kickstarter campaign to fund the print edition of the novel. It follows the same writing style as the preceeding volume, with a script-like layout, and "bleeped" profanity (as "I don't give a ****.").

Note: The epilogue contains spoilers for the novel.


An epilogue to the novel Defense of the Fiddler told in the form of letters from Travis "Claws" Walker. Contains spoilers for the novel, and hints of what may be to come...

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The Spots the Space Marine serial is available for purchase in e-book format.

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E-book (Smashwords / Amazon) 45kb $.99 ---
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