Starbases are moon-sized spherical stations built and maintained by the Alliance Fleet as military bases, FTL relays/switching stations, Pad relay stations, and starship fuel and weapon-making facilities. Each sector has a starbase.

The military section of the starbase tends to be small and set apart from the rest of the station, which is inevitably colonized by major civilian populations and used as merchant trading hubs.

Fleet ActivitiesEdit

  • Building
  • Refit
  • Repair
  • Overhaul
  • Refuel
  • Demolition/Decommission


Starbases often have domes for ship-tree nurseries. Ship-trees are "scrub" trees that only grow a certain height, and are comfortable growing in vats. Once they reach a certain age, the vat is lifted from the floor and installed into the starbase itself, or into ships. Cultivators are always striving to create better varieties of ship-tree, aiming for those that do well in artificial light, in small spaces, and that shed the least.


  • Defense Fleet: maintained by Fleet, considered a good place to wet the toes of new recruits.
  • Minor fixed defenses

Known StarbasesEdit

  • Veta: Jahir Seni Galare and Vasiht'h maintain their practice here. Veta is also home to the luxury liner corporation that pioneered the first "Exodus Tour," which follows the track of the Pelted flight from Earth. (Other companies have since followed suit but failed to wrest mindshare from the original.)
  • Ani: The home of the first TKI&I Clothiers, run by the Karaka'An Isolde.
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