Alysha and Svetlana.

The first full-length Stardancer novel, this novel is set in 460 BA just after Alysha takes command, fifteen years following the events in Alysha's Fall. It precedes the next full-length Stardancer novel, Either Side of the Strand. It introduces the character of Svetlana-look-up-her-last-name.

Not yet published April 10, 2014


In its first full-length novel, the UAV Stardancer and her intrepid crew are sent to a distant colony world, there to investigate rumors of a civil war and to locate a promising officer gone away without leave. But upon arrival, the mysteries of the world suggest there's more to the story than their mission brief suggested and their missing officer might hold the key. Can Alysha Forrest and her crew uncover the truth behind the embittered colony's strife before it's too late?

Notable CharactersEdit

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