Tañel holding a chain of his own making

Tañel is a talented Jokku jeweler. He is the Head of Household for Imeted.

General DescriptionEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit


His lover Turned anadi and was lost to the mind-death. Afterward, he joined House Ithera in het Kabbanil and became lovers with Nashada, who introduced him to the night clays of Ke Pediná. Later, they broke from Ithera and founded House Imeted in het Uren.

Notable CreationsEdit

Tañel designed a silver medallion that combines the ancient symbols for all three sexes into one for ethilik: a circle pierced from below with a mark, sprouting another above, and with a single dot in the middle. He is holding a chain with one at each end in the picture above.

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