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From Second:

A brown furred Karaka'an.

From Second:

Called Red.


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She first shows up as the major character in Second (fiction)

She attaches herself toAlysha Forrest. She and Alysha are friendly, compatible, compentent. She considers Alysha to be top grade officer material, and wants to be her support officer and friend.


Either Side of the Strand (fiction)

Second (fiction)

Dark Lighthouse (fiction)

'Strange Kiss' is really a kind of continuation of 'Strange Uniforms',

'Contrails of Light'


I got all of these by searching on the page for Tayligha:

Best picture of them:

From behind

Some art is from long ago (next 3):

Art showing Tayligha's shading:

Conclusion: Maggy likes draw Tayligha and Alysha