The Exception holding the Book of Exceptions

The Book of Exceptions is one of the Ai-Naidari Books of Civilization whose purpose is to explain the few times when an Ai-Naidari might act in ways other than those described in the Book of Precedents. Its writing, editing and content is the responsibility of the Exception.

General DescriptionEdit

It is only a fraction of the size of the multi-volume Book of Precedents, but a commission to craft a Book of Exceptions requires a significant investment of time and materials. Most Houses keep their Books for generations. Save in rare cases, new ones are commissioned only to replace those lost, destroyed or too old to consult.


From Black Blossom:Edit

  • The irimkedi who shows guests inside a House could and must speak first.
  • Ajan's status as a Public Servant to Shame instead of Thirukedi is recorded as an exception.

The final section explains that the Book of Exceptions had been written in the ink of tears shed by the Exception, the one Ai-Naidari in every generation whose soul had no caste-rank. Who floated always beyond society, able to criticize it... and never to know its comforts.

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