The Exception, with the Book of Exceptions.

The Ai-Naidar have a set of books which contain the rules of civilization, which they call as a group the Books of Civilization.

Two books apply to all Ai-Naidar:

The Book of Precedents contains information on behavior that applies to all individuals (generalized relationships, such as the duties of parents and children, people with responsibility over others, heads of households, the proper treatment of the elderly and infirm, etc.) This book also contains legal rulings that created historical shifts in those duties.

The Book of Exceptions describes exceptions to behaviors, both general and specific. Its writing, editing and content is the responsibility of the Exception.

One set of books describes all the castes, their history and their general place in society.

The Book of Castes is separated into multiple volumes. The first book (the titular one, the Book of Castes) discusses all the castes and their relationships to one another. The remaining books in the series are known as the caste books:

The caste books each describe very specific duties, responsibilities and privileges, as well as information on language use and interactions with other castes.

The Caste books are considered volumes of the Book of Castes, though the term is also used to refer to the first book, which discusses all the castes as a group.

Other Important BooksEdit

The legal books used by those above the Wall of Birth.

Changes to the BooksEdit

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