The Calligrapher, Peaceful

Farren Nai'Sheviet-osulkedi, also called the Calligrapher, is an Ai-Naidari in his late 40's. He is a member of the Public Servant caste as a public artist and serves Civilization directly under Thirukedi.

General DescriptionEdit

Farren is defined most by his appreciation of beauty, his insight into the Ai-Naidari soul, and his work. Ajan noted that he becomes almost "concussed" by observation of beauty.

Farren has his own studio with a slanted desk, a window and chair near it, and calligraphy hung on the walls. There he does most of his work and provides non-commissioned or returned pieces for sale; however, he will travel to the library, festivals, etc. for inspiration and write in his notebook for later painting.

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Farren is a widower of Sejzena, whom he loved and had a daughter with, Marul. At the beginning of Aphorisms, his name is Farren Nai'Sheviet a'Neriethen-jakkedi: humblest member of his family Sheviet.


Farren's family lives in the country. When he was young, he became so drawn to the words and arts of other Ai-Naidar that he would make pilgrimages to the capital city's library, where he met the Librarian and began a long and enigmatic relationship with the older Ai-Naidari.

In Aphorisms, he was jakkedi of the Public Servant caste and served Neriethen's regal Household and its district in the capital city. At the end of the story, he becomes osulkedi.

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