The Decorations of House Qenain

The Decoration of House Qenain appears in the novel-length story, Black Blossom. She is, unusually, the sole Decoration of the House.


As many fathrikedi, she is known by more than one name. She is given the name Haraa by the Calligrapher.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She is gray as brume entirely, a light velvety color from toes to ear-tips, with a wealth of gray curls that darkened ever-so-slightly at their tips. Her limbs are elegant and perfect in proportion. Beauty, even supernal beauty, is not unusual in the fathriked, who are chosen for it. It is her face that sets her apart, for even in repose there is a sweet wickedness in the curve of her lips. Her eyes are as bright as flame, orange with flecks of scarlet, and as impish as her smile.

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