An Ai-Naidari parable:

Once there was a Regal, a good and conscientious Regal... but also a sad and tired one, who had taken the mantle early when his uncle died untimely. This Regal was touring his demesne when he espied a Farmer of great beauty, and he was moved.

The Regal was much loved by his people for that he was fair and good, and seeing him, the Farmer was also enamored. He came by then each week, and they spoke and found much to admire. Enough so that the Regal asked her what she thought of being wed.

'Perhaps you might leave your farm and family,' said he, 'and come be my bride.'

'Or,' she said, 'you might set aside your mantle and join me here as my husband.'

And they vowed to consider it at length.

Several weeks passed. They met again. Said the Regal, 'I cannot leave my duties, for they must be done, and it is for me to do them... and doing them well enobles me.' Said the Farmer, 'I cannot leave my family, for they give me strength and companionship, and I cannot leave my farm, for it is my work and it gives me dignity.' And so they parted company.