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The Worth of a Shell
is a novel set in the Jokka Shell setting, following the journey and trials of two runaways: a dispossessed eperu named Thenet, and the rebellious anadi Dlane. It is the first book in the Stone Moon trilogy, which is followed by Pearl in the Void and finally by A Bloom in the North.

Shell was first independently published via Createspace in 2009 in paperback form, and then in 2010 as an e-book. The original edition had a simple cover with a bust of Thenet, and in late 2011, it was changed to the current, iconic "Dlane at Dusk" image.


Born to a harsh world, we Jokka have evolved three sexes to survive: neuter, male and female. Twice in our lives we may change from one to another. A change we accept with grace... or resignation. It was our way. ...until one female defied all tradition: Dlane Ashoi-anadi, revolutionary, intentionally childless, runaway.

This is not her story.

This is mine.

I am Thenet Reña-eperu, female-guardian, voice of orthodoxy... and Dlane's first and dearest companion. This is the tale of how we changed each other... and how that changed everything.

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The Worth of a Shell is available for purchase as a paperback or e-book.

Format Pgs/Size Cost ISBN/ASIN
Paperback 402 $15.00 1449531652 / 978-1449531652
456kb $3.99 B00480OGB2
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