Thenet Reña-eperu

Thenet Reña-eperu is the narrator of the first book of the Stone Moon trilogy, The Worth of a Shell, a novel of the Jokka. It returns again to finish the trilogy in A Bloom in the North. It is eperu, or neuter.

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Physical DescriptionEdit

Thenet is described as having flat white skin, uneven black spirals of black on the skin that is exposed, an uninflected black mane and tail, and clear, yellow-green eyes that Jokka call ‘beast eyes’, the ones that only aspire to flame-bright amber.


At the beginning of the novel, Thenet is Anadi-guardian in the House Mated. When the House's most prized anadi is lost to the mind death, Thenet is cast out and rescued by Dlane Ashoi-anadi. They are co-founders of the House Reña.

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