The Trifold is a Jokka religion separate from the Trinity. Believers are called Trifolders.

General DescriptionEdit

The Trifold and the Trinity both believe in the sanctity of the three sexes: anadi, emodo, eperu, but the Trifold believes that Jokka are each godlike by virtue of being one of these sexes.




The Trifold is celebrated in dances of all three sexes: anadi, emodo, and eperu.



A round, cut medallion made of smooth metal and hung on a leather cord: it has three spokes, embellished with endless, eye-mazing designs, emanating from a central point. The central point may be skewed toward the particular gender of the wearer.


The Trifold religion was founded by Erdiil and Mayiin based upon a vision of the former. Erdiil had formerly been devoted to Void of the Trinity and was near death when the first ethilik commissioned it to teach the Jokka the value in each sex. It claimed that Erdiil "belongs to life. To light, to laughter and language, to understanding, to exploration, to the illumination of every Jokku soul."

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