Truedark tales are Jokku clays that can only be told in the hour of fantasies and confidences.


Ekkuli is an ethilik clay-keeper who writes truedark tales that discuss things called edloña.

A Short Story of Forbidden LoveEdit

An eperu, a dancer, with flashing eye,
like bright stars and
sweet truedark-honey,
Each step a song, each gesture a joy.
Lucky in love, luckily loved
by an eperu in dusk --

Turned anadi, the last choice,
Nature's irony and
lover's dismay. But the House
thought to keep her, to breed her.
Dusk's eperu did too.
Their love sweet between them --

And sticky -- and long -- and gentle,
A love without names, without
rules. No one knew.
No one asked. No one learned.
They loved until mind-death
took her away: sweet setasha.