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A Paradox-class battlecruiser in the Alliance Fleet. Currently captained by Alysha Forrest.


Crew Complement[]

All female or neuter.

Noted: 6 crew women in Dark Lighthouse

Known Crew[]

  • Alysha Forrest, Captain.
  • Taylitha Basil, First Commander.
  • Alastar Virgil, Second Commander.
  • Svetlana, Fourth Commander.
  • Laelkii Takara Lifeweave, Chief Medical Officer.
  • Rashiveil, Lt. Commander.
  • Chelsey Ferroe, human. Bronze hair and skin, green eyes.
  • Darya Darteriov, pantherine Harat-Shar. Black.
  • Felsha Rennagan, navigator. Asanii. Golden, blonde curly hair.
  • Kethy Skutterby (ensign). Asanii. Cream, charcoal hair, amber eyes.
  • Mariledge (ensign), snow-pard Harat-Shar, tall.
  • Rochelle (ensign), Tam-illee.
  • Julien Steffis (lieutenant), engineer. Asanii. Striped.
  • Janny Perralta (ensign). Marine biologist. Asanii, tall, rounded. Cream, copper spots and hair, green eyes.
  • Jewel Thandry (lieutenant), medical. Karaka-A.

Previous Crew?[]

Stories noted in[]

Dark Lighthouse (fiction)

Season's Meaning (fiction)

Either Side of the Strand (fiction)