Esper and xenopsychiatrist, Vasiht'h is a Glaseah and partner to the Eldritch Jahir Seni Galare. They work on Starbase Veta.

General DescriptionEdit

Built stocky like a typical Glaseah, Vasiht'h has two stripes down the back rather than spots or a single stripe, a forelock that flops in front of one eye, and brown eyes. He wears clothes decoratively since he rarely gets cold, preferring short vests, though he also has a number of saris for formal occasions. He also has a pair of saddlebags, at need, and a messenger bag he can sling over one shoulder.

Like most Glaseah he has an excellent sense of smell and somewhat poor hearing.

In temperament, preferring to sleep in, somewhat homey, fascinated by people but with far more equanimity than his brooding partner; he tends to be the calm to Jahir's passion storms. He counts family ties closer than romantic ones (also a typical Glaseahn trait) and has a large extended family with which he keeps in regular contact.

Noted here is a fondness for gingerbread, baking and kerinne.


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Vasiht'h graduated with a degree in clinical psychology (concentration, xenotherapy) from Seersana's Founding University, which is usually a two-year program unless you do what he did and stretch it out taking extra courses. Some number of those were in anthropology, but he did an entire year of practice management and business classes, since he knew he wanted to start his own practice when he went into the program. That gave him a three-and-a-half year degree, and he exited college with the equivalent of a masters in psychology and a minor in business.


Vasiht'h is a member of the Zhetsithz family, though Glaseah rarely use family names among one another. He has seven sisters and four brothers, his aunt and grandparents live with his parents (still living).

Grandparents Maternal

  • Grandfather - anthropology professor, carpentry hobby
  • Grandmother - Homemaker


  • Grandfather - astronomer
  • Grandmother - former priestess, turned daycare attendant


  • Mother - professor
  • Father - chemist

Siblings (birth order, with professions)

  • Brother 1 - chemist, Bret'hesk (data from Transcend -- GF)
  • Brother 2 - homemaker (married to a working woman)
  • Sister 1 - botanist
  • Brother 3 - schoolteacher (grade school equivalent)
  • Sister 2 -
  • Sister 3 - schoolteacher (high school equivalent)
  • Vasiht'h
  • Sister 4 - Sehvi, studying reproductive engineering.
  • Sister 5 -
  • Brother 4 -
  • Sister 6 -
  • Sister 7 -


Six years after formalizing his working partnership with Jahir, Vasiht'h became family to him during a visit to the Eldritch homeworld.

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