Emodo with wingflutter

The somnolent wingflutter is a small animal native to the forest of Ke Bakil.

Note: There's a slight name disparity between Shell, where the name "wingflutter" is used, and the art archive at where these creatures are called "wing-flitters."

General DescriptionEdit

It appears to be more curious than wary. It nosed the spearhead that brought it down from the tree branch where it was roosting in The Worth of a Shell, sipped the air with its tongue, then raveled itself around the haft of the spear.

They are easy to kill during the day and used for Jokku ornamentation.

Some kinds of wingflutters are harmless. Some of them are poisonous but they’re hard to provoke during the day. When held, they can’t seem to tell that the one holding is not just another tree.

Physical DescriptionEdit

It has a flat, wedge-shaped head with eyes like cabochon opals, a twinkling, thread-thin tongue, and brilliant wings with stiff feathers of searinghot blue and gold-green to match its skin, each one tipped with a pearlescent carmine red. It gives off a musty perfume that can hide other scents.